Friday, March 1, 2013

HK Comics items / Objets des comics HK

Comics HK items

These items were sold with the Hong Kong comic book. I paid them from 10€ to 100€ so far to get them. Most of them are (very) rare and require patience to gather.

Ces objets étaient vendus avec les comics Hong Kong. Ils coûtent entre 10€ à 130€ pour certains. La plupart sont (très) rares et nécessite de la patience pour les rassembler.

The Ultra rare Boutique Key

Police Key Bonze

Police Key Golden/Blue

Park Key Golden

Park Key Silver

Police Key Silver

Lab Key + Pin

BH CV Alexia set with Dragonfly...

BH Gold ring


Knife set

Code Veronica Golden Knife

Dagger Dark Silver

Dagger Bronze

Dagger Golden
Dagger Silver

Knife Bronze

Knife Silver
Knife Dark silver

Grenade Launcher Golden + Grenades Golden
Bullet Bronze

Bullet Silver

Shotgun + cartridge Silver

Magnum Golden + Bullet Silver

Flamethrower Golden

Rifle Golden

Shotgun Bronze

Nemesis T1 & T2 Golden

Tofu Golden

William Birkin G2
William Birkin G3

Grave digger Silver

Jill Valentine Silver

Jill Valentine Fluo

Jill Valentine Grey

Jill Valentine Transparente

STARS & RPD pins


Biohazard Silver Ring
Complete trump card collection

Crossbow Silver

Zippo RPD

Gold Long Rifle 

Metal Gun
Orange Bullet
Blue Bullet

William Birkin Silver

Carlos Silver

Hunter Silver

Hunter Glowing

Knife set + wood and glass box

BH Code Veronica Silver knife

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